"Evil will prevail if good people do nothing"

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Long live free Syria


The chemical massacre in #syria, 2013

1 year anniversary of Assad criminal acts in Syria

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In a few words

In 1989, my parents left Beirut for a small village in the Bekaa Valley called Ghazzeh. I was eight years old. 

In 2012, Khalil’s mother left Syria and took refuge at our house in Ghazzeh. Khalil was ten years old. 

This film tells the story of my friendship with Khalil, and our efforts to find hope and joy in the midst of madness and despair. It is also a personal reflection on childhood, nostalgia, home, belonging, memory and war. 

Watch ” Veto” and share it, glimpses of a revolution that is still going on since 2011 in #Syria.

VETO is a short film sheds light on the current Syrian Revolution and the circumstances behind the transformation from peaceful movement to an armed revolution. VETO takes you through the last two years of this unbearable suffering with over 100,000 Syrian victims and more than 5 million displaced people, and a clueless world about how to stop this horrendous crime! VETO was made in 2012 and was nominated for the Documentary of The Year Award in Germany 2013 and was highlighted by several international media outlets.

يلقي هذا الفيلم القصير الضوء على الثورة السورية والظروف وراء تحولها من حركة سلمية إلى ثورة مسلحة، ويأخذك الفيلم خلال سنوات الثورة ليرصد المعاناة التي اودت يحياة أكثر من 100،000 سوري و تشرد أكثر من 5 ملايين شخص و مازال المجتمع الدولي متفرجا و متناسيا مهمته في وقف هذه الجريمة النكراء و قد رشح هذا الفبلم لجائزة افضل فيلم وثائقي في مهوجان سينما من اجل السلام في ألمانيا في عام 2013 وكان قد نال اهتمام خاص من قبل العديد من وسائل الإعلام العالمية

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Many children left, but you should speak up for the ones left

By caricaturist Alaa-al-Laqta

Many children left, but you should speak up for the ones left


By caricaturist Alaa-al-Laqta

Noon, a community development center, Initiates a series of videos, teaching the right steps to first aid.

This is the first episode about the right behavior and checkup regarding difficulties in breathing. 

very important to watch and share

الحلقة الأولى - خطوات التصرف الصحيح، الفحص، طرق إزالة عائق المجاري التنفسية (by NoonCDC)

This message is from a syrian man to butcher bashar al assad.

It is also my message to anyone who’s going to ask me why I support the syrian revolution, to any official man that finds it against the law for me to send money to feed a human, to heal a patient, and to stop a child from freezing to death inside #syria

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