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Summary on the massacre that took place in Karm Al Zaytoun in Homs

Via Mulham Al Jundi

quick summery for what happen in #KarmAlZyton #Homs last night 
There are approximately 3000 families that are accounted for
In Al-Adawiya neighborhood, there are houses that continue to burn while people are still inside of them
Only 20% of the residents of Karam al-Zaytoun are still there, and we know nothing of what their situation is like
Karam al-Zaytoun and the neighboring al-Rifai neighborhood used to be the places people fled to
Many women were raped there yesterday, and many women are missing until now
There are houses on Al-Adawi Mosque Road whose residents were shot dead
Civilians are being executed
Their houses were burned while they were still inside of them and after they were doused in gasoline and fuel
Around 45 martyrs have been accounted for so far
and dont forget to take a look at the children who were slaughtered by #Assad regime . #KarmElZytoneh #Homs 3-12-12

EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! not suitable for weak hearts! 

kids hit by heavy arms in Homs today! only Alah is with us because humanity is failing us! 

جرحى من الأطفل شكر للفيتو الروسي باباعمرو

حسبي الله و نعم الوكيل!!! 

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مشاهداتي في سوريا د. محمد العريفي 19-2-1433هـ

A friday prayer lecture by Muhamad Al Arifi, telling stories of people he met who ran away from syria, torture, rape and killing stories. 

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Frontline’s Ramita Navai tells Anderson Cooper about her time in Syria covering the government’s crackdown on protests.

‎”I am the courage of Syria, the orphan of Gaza. I am the ruins of Iraq, the violated of Afghanistan. I am the bombarded of Pakistan. I am the rebel of Libya, the trying to make a living of Tunisia. I am the hope of Egypt. I am the determination of Yemen. I am the freedom of Palestine. I am the hunger stricken child of Somalia. I am the suffering of each and every single corner of the world. Hope is what I am, and this status is a reminder to remember them in your prayers.” —(via Marya Bangee)