"Evil will prevail if good people do nothing"

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BASHAR TORTURE IN SCHOOLS - This is what children’s schools in Syria have become, detention and torture center’s for arrested protesters. This particular beating (raising a persons legs and beating them on the soles of their feet) is usually an introductory beating during a prisoner’s (protester) first interrogation. Usually they wet your feet and then start beating to increase the pain. A person’s feet usually swells to several times its normal size and the toe-nails then fall off after continued beating.

Then, for many unfortunate souls, the real torture begins with cables, electric shocks, breaking knee-caps, burns and a host of medieval methods….

How can children return to their schools after this?


DEFECTING SYRIAN SOLDIERS: Bukamal - Sept 2, 2011: This is a Syrian Soldier who refusd to fire upon his fellow countrymen and women. He was promptly shot in the back of the head by his superiors on direct orders from Bashar Al Assad who issued a decree stating that any soldier who shows compassion for innocent Syrian protesters calling for freedom should be shot in the head immediatley in order to stop other soldiers from defecting.

Syria’s Army is a conscript army. The majority of whom are poor and have no choice but to serve Bashar Al Assad or face death themselves. Soldiers commonly have their families killed, tortured and arrested if they defect.