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The syrian and Palestinian challenge



War-Toys Brian McCarty

"The WAR-TOYS project seeks to explore war from the perspective of children living in its day-to-day reality. Because cognitive ability is often ahead of language development, children typically share their experiences and cope with associated feelings through indirect methods of communication, such as art and play. As a result, their personal accounts of war often go unseen, even when studying its affects. Through WAR-TOYS, I use a collaborative process to unlock and articulate children’s experiences, turning the language of play into serious dialog."

Funeral of, Yazan Al Khadra, a Palestinian who was killed in Al Yarmouk camp in Damascus yesterday.


أغنية جنة ياوطنا في تشييع الشهيد يزن الخضراء - مخيم…

تشييع رائع للشهيد البطل يزن ناصر الخضراء في مخيم اليرموك الذي اغتاله الأمن والشبيحة أمس الجمعة وكانت المظاهرة تحت شعار “”فلسطيني وسوري واحد”“

Syrian independence flag decorates the apartheid wall in #palestine  #syria

Syrian independence flag decorates the apartheid wall in #palestine #syria

This Week In History: On May 14, 1948, the state of Israel was established, creating the largest refugee population in the world. According to Israeli historian Ilan Pappe, “Jewish forces expelled over a million Palestinians from their homes at gunpoint, massacred civilians and deliberately destroyed hundreds of Palestinian villages”.

Palestinians who escaped persecution from Jewish forces fled to Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the West Bank. As a result, there are now 4.5 million Palestinian refugees without the right to return to their homes in the land now called Israel. Many refugees still retain old deeds and keys to homes now occupied by Israelis.

The ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is known as al Nakba, the Palestinian Catastrophe, and is commemorated on Nakba Day on the 15th of May every year, the day after Israeli Independence Day on the Gregorian calendar.

Throughout its 64-year history, Israel has denied that al Nakba — which happened just years after the Holocaust — ever took place, and last year the government passed a fascist law that allows the denial of state funding to NGOs that participate in Nakba commemorations. In 2009, it banned the use of the term “Nakba” in school textbooks.

Photos: Top: Thousands of Palestinians throng the beach as they are forced out of their homeland / Bottom: An elderly Palestinian couple during the mass exodus. Palestine, 1948 (UNRWA)

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رسالة من طفلة فلسطينية الى بشار

A letter from a girl in occupied palestine to Bashar #syria 

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" we ran away from the cruelty of Israel, to face cruelty of Assad" a Palestinian in #Syria 

" we ran away from the cruelty of Israel, to face cruelty of Assad" a Palestinian in #Syria 

Palestinians in Al Aqsa come out to support free syrians against their criminal Assad

الاف المسلمين يخرجون بالمسجد الاقصى نصرة للشام وللثورة 

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"نريد جيلا غاضبا….نريد جيلا يفلح الآفاق و  ينكش التاريخ من جذوره و ينكش الفكر من  الاعماق…نريد جيلا قادم مختلف الملامح…لا يغفر الأخطاء لا يسامح..لا ينحني لا يعرف النفاق…نريد جيلا رائد عملاق" فرقة دام #syria ‪#‬revolution 

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Hamas is 'backing protesters' says Syria


Damascus // Syria’s relationship with Hamas is increasingly strained over the Palestinian group’s refusal to openly endorse Damascus and its tactics in suppressing an anti-regime uprising, according to figures close to both sides.

Once firm allies, the Syrian authorities, led by President Bashar Al Assad, and the Islamic resistance movement, headed by Khalid Meshaal from his headquarters in Damascus, are now barely on speaking terms, regime officials and an Islamic cleric close to Hamas said.

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My two cents - Assad is playing the Arab dictators favorite game … “when in doubt, blame the Palestinians” 

A rally for #Syria in Ramallah, Palestine

مسيرة في رام الله لنصرة الثورة السورية 19-09-2011 

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