"Evil will prevail if good people do nothing"

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Long live free Syria


Another city to tweet about! random shelling of civilians houses in #hama today

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 A LITTLE GIRL IS PULLED FROM THE RUBBLE OF HER HOME - SHE WAS CRUSHED TO DEATH WHEN ASSAD’S SHELLS LANDED. Hama (Masha’a Al Tayaar): Apr 25, 2012 - She was one of 70 innocent and unarmed Syrians that Assad’s forces murdered by obliterating the homes that they used to seek shelter from the relentless shelling.

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Hafez died, and Hama didn’t. Bashar will die, and Hama won’t.

Graffiti in Hama, Syria  (via so—say—we—all)

From Hama, a nightly demo dedicated to the Free Syrian Army

حماه | 16-1-2012 | باب قبلي | إهداء إلى الجيش الحر (by MrQuake2005)


Al-Assad thugs [Shabi7a] continue the murdering of innocent people.

Today, Dala Al-Auf, the Jasmine of Hama, was shoot by Assad’s thugs’ random shooting in the streets. To the highest heaven Dalal <3


Students of syria say it loud and clear, no dialogue with criminals.

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These are our future blossoms, these are the future of syria, our children of freedom.

I love them. 

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I miss seeing this on my screen every friday! :( 
protests in Hama before the Syrian army invades it. 

I miss seeing this on my screen every friday! :( 

protests in Hama before the Syrian army invades it. 

Attack on Ali ibn Abi Taleb Moaque in Hama

 حماة حرق االمصاحف و مسجد علي بن ابي طالب الكائن في المزارب

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Protests from the land of the free….from Hama, from our future heroes, the children of freedom.

حماه طيبة الامام طلابية حاشدة

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PristineSF: The resignation of the attorney general of Hama, Syria Posted on August 31, 2011 by SyrianETF National


I, the attorney general of Hama, Adnan Muhammad al-Bakkour, announce my resignation from my position in the state that is shadowed by Assad and his gangs. I summarize the causes of my resignation by the following:1. The killing of the prisoners in the “Central Prison of Hama” on Sunday…